Yes, we have a company-matching 401k, comprehensive health, dental, vision and life insurance and all that stuff your parents told you to ask about. But what about the things that really matter?

Things like our ping pong, foosball, shuffleboard and corn-hole games nestled next to the onsite cafeteria, tucked back with the beer fridge. An award-winning onboarding program, onsite continuing education, job coach/mentor program providing an extensive one-on-one learning experience, and tuition reimbursement to pay for the stuff we can’t teach you.

Got kids? We offer a lactation lounge for nursing moms and monthly family events, from the ballet to bounce houses. Add in University of Kentucky basketball and football ticket raffles, along with regional pro and semi-pro sporting events.

Gesundheit. Aside from a lifetime supply of hand sanitizer on your desk, we also have an onsite clinic staffed by our own nurse practitioner as well as free annual vaccinations for the entire workforce. Intramural sports keep us in shape (if you don’t break a sweat bowling, you’re not really trying), as well as a comprehensive wellness program too involved to fit in this little space.

The annual bonus is a nice touch. So is birthday ice cream, raffles (free trips, iThings, TVs), referral bonuses, donkey fights, a summer garden, coffee station, fruit cart and donuts (those last two cancel each other out).

Even if only one thing caught your eye, check out our job listings and apply today.